Frequently Ask Questions: all you need to know.

At Bluelake Insurance Brokers we are committed to providing our clients with the right information to help them obtain the right product for their needs and protection. Using our knowledge and insight we have compiled the following FAQs.

Should a question that you are seeking an answer to not be contained within these pages please do not hesitate to call us at +974 4428 3542 / 4428 3554 /4428 3647 or send an inquiry through our contact form located on the Contact page.

your broker will explain the terms of your policy, help you with any amendments to the policy(s) that may arise, guide you through the claims process, and help you to ensure a swift and fair settlement for your claim.
broker pricing in many instances has been more competitive than going direct to the insurers. Since brokers work with numerous insurance companies, they have access to more markets to shop around for the best price and terms.
Your comprehensive car insurance policy covers you against loss, damage, and third–party liability. You are also protected against; damage to your motor vehicle due to accidental collision, theft, and or malicious act unless specifically excluded. Accrued legal liability and agree with costs and expenses against third party bodily injury/ property damage arising out of the use of motor vehicles unless specifically excluded. Terms and conditions of the insurer to apply.
Vehicle Premium is calculated based on the vehicle sum insured and type. Market value can be discussed with our sales agents for further explanation. Third Party Legal Liability premium has been priced by the government authorities and is fixed.
It is the first amount of the loss that must be paid by the Policyholder.
Vehicles are insured up to the current Depreciated Market Value and the Legal Liability is paid in full to the extent of liability incurred as per law. Insurance Companies will only pay the Depreciated Market Value at the time of a total loss claim.
Damage to own vehicle:

– Mechanical breakdown; damage to tires (subject to the insurer's terms); loss or damage by natural perils.
– breach of limitations as to use of the vehicle including overloading/ riding off road; racing, traffic law violations, including driving without a valid license.

Own Vehicle/ Third Party Liability

– accident under the influence of alcohol/drugs, for detailed policy exclusions, terms and conditions, please read the detailed policy
Yes, and the Policy Holder will get a Premium Refund provided no claims have been made during the policy period. The above is subject to proof of cancellation of the Vehicle’s Permit, or presentation of a new Policy due to a change in details of the Vehicle or transfer of its ownership.
Further, the Premium Refund is calculated as described in the insurance companies’ Terms of Business. Compulsory Third-Party Liability cover cannot be canceled unless the Vehicle Registration is canceled, or proof of another Insurance Cover is provided.
In case of an accident, please contact the Police at 999 to report the accident, especially if you are injured or cannot drive the vehicle. Otherwise, go directly to the Police Station with the other party for investigation or register the accident on Metrash;

· If the vehicle is severely damaged and cannot be driven, then leave it in a safe parking and proceed to the nearest Traffic Department in your area;

· Get a Police Report stating the accident details and the approval for repair.

· Contact us and speak to one of our dedicated claim advisors for more information to register a claim.

· Submit the Original Police Report along with a copy of your Registration Card and Driving's License and QID;

· Contact Road Assistance to transport the vehicle to the allocated workshop as advised by the insurance company;

· For Car Replacement Facility (if selected at the time of policy),
The insurance company will provide the contact details of the rental company from where the insured will pick up the entitled car.
The Insurance company will assess the damages as Total Loss if the repair costs exceed 60 -70% of the depreciated market value at the time of the loss or if the vehicle cannot be repaired and restored to its original condition. The Insurance company will pay the Depreciated Market Value after completing the proper procedure and will take possession of the damaged vehicle. Should you need further assistance please contact us at +974-4428-3693.
BLUE LAKE will make its best efforts to notify you in advance of the renewal date. You can contact us at +974-4428-3542/+974-4428-3398 during our opening hours of 8.00 am to 5.30 pm, Sunday to Thursday (excluding Bank & Public Holidays) or visit our offices located on Salwa road.
The vehicle usually depreciates between 15-20% yearly. This can also be agreed upon renewal.
You may get a Replacement Car for up to 15 days subject to having paid an additional premium for a suitable option at the time of buying your Motor Insurance Policy. The Replacement Car Facility can only be used in case of an accident.
Insurance Companies will cover the rental cost of the replacement car only (subject to limits mentioned in the policy schedule) and all other terms & conditions of the rental company will be applied.
Generally, Insurance Companies do not provide Comprehensive insurance policies for cars which are older than 10 years. But based on some criteria (such as regular customer), BLUELAKE will try to assist you to get full insurance cover subject to minimum insurance premium.
No, only spouse and children can be added, your parents will have to buy a separate policy.
At a non-network provider, simply pay the medical services and submit your claim for reimbursement. This can be done by keeping the following documents to be presented later to the Insurance Company:

1. Original completed claim form.
2. Copy of the medical Insurance Card.
3. Original itemized receipt.
4. Original prescription issued by your licensed physician.
5. Copy of tests, hospital discharge reports, doctor reports and results.
6. Copy of your prior approval (if provided).

The above are documents that should be provided, so please make sure not to misplace them..

Option 2, Call the Insurance Company’s 24 hour Call Center. In certain cases, where the treatment is outside Qatar, we may be able to arrange for direct payment at that provider (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy). It is recommended to contact us a few days prior to your visit, especially if your medical condition requires hospital admission.

Note: Maximum allowed time limit for submission of reimbursement claims is 60 days if treatment occurred in Qatar and 90 days if it occurred outside Qatar from the treatment date. (some insurers will differ)
? A single-trip policy covers you only for a specified holiday/ trip, whereas an annual policy will cover you for multiple trips made during the year without having to notify us.
Receive your travel insurance quote by contacting us on +974 4428 3647 / 4428 3693 and speak to one of our dedicated insurance advisors.
Children are not covered free of charge however, children under the age of 18 can be added.
Under the terms of the policy, travel insurance is offered for any travel up until 10 weeks prior to the estimated due date of delivery. Terms and conditions of the insurance policy will apply.
Contact us today and speak to one of our dedicated insurance advisors for more information.
Recreational sports and holiday activities are usually covered, but some extreme activities and professional sports are usually not. Different insurers have different exclusions.
If you are a business owner, you must depend on your business personal property to gain profit.
What if your commercial property suffers physical damage? You will - in all probability - have to spend a few months or more having your property restored or repaired to its original condition, and lose considerable profit that you would otherwise have gained.

The remedy - or better - the prevention comes in the form of business income insurance - a special type of coverage specifically designed to provide financial protection for lost profits and any additional expenses related to the damaged property in the restoration period.
Use as many money-saving techniques as you possibly can in order to
reduce your business liability insurance rates. Get a package deal in the form of a Business owner’s policy (BOP): it will cost less than if you were to purchase separate policies for each risk you are exposed to.
Bluelake Insurance provides an accident management service for anyone who takes out a motor policy with us. As soon as an incident occurs you should call our dedicated claims assistance service for advice at +974 4428 3693 or email us a:t

· To register a motor claim, you need to send us the following:

· A Police report. The police must give you the original report from the accident (document #1) and a copy of the permission for you to repair the car (document #2)

· If the police were present at the scene of the accident, they will give you it there – if not, you can go to the Traffic Department to get the documents – you can also get these documents from the Traffic officer at our Abu Hamour office directly or via metrash.

#2 Vehicle Registration & Driver’s License

Then you need to get a copy of both sides of your car registration (document #3) and a copy of both sides of your driver’s license (document #4) To summarize:

· Police report from the accident
· Police repair approval
· Copy of both sides of your car registration
· Copy of both sides of your driver’s license and QID
> Medical claim – you must always have the Doctor’s diagnosis report, test results, and discharge report along with the invoices and receipts.

> Machinery breakdown claims – get a technician’s report along with a police report and ensure you keep all faulty equipment and cables.